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Study Abroad in Lima, Peru

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La PUCP (Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú)

Our stuents and volunteers assist to one of the most prestigious universities in Lima and in the whole country.

PUCP University (from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) is well known for offering a high quality education, many opportunities for its students and a great environment to study, hang around and develope yourself professionally and personally.

Let’s give it a closer look….

1) Some numbers:

  • It was founded in 1917, that means, it has almost 100 years of existence!
  • It has 11 faculties, and 49 carreers from which you can choose all the classes you like the most. Our Liberal Arts students chose some of these classes.
  • In 2015, it had 464 exchange students, who came from abroad (there are also students who come from other cities in Peru)
  • It has 8 libraries, where you can have access to information in any kind of formats. You can also borrow movies and watch them there!

2) Our students experience

Our students are really enyoing their stay here, but it is better if you hear it from their own voices, right? Watch here what do our Liberal Arts students think about the PUCP University.

Sound cool, right? We have prepared for you a virtual tour around the campus so you get even more excited! Ready to go? Click here.

Nice place, great people & very interesting classes are waiting for you!

More information about the university here.



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Teach Program 2016

This year is our third edition of the Teach Program. In this post we want to share with you some of the activities that the students/teachers have been experiencing, and give you more information to apply.

During one month, you will be volunteer teachers in the “Arenitas del Mar” School, at Villa El Salvador District in Lima – Perú. You will also volunteer after classes in the “Deporte y Vida” Program. Both of them are part of the Centro de Eduación y Desarrollo Comunitario (CEDEC) project (

The support you will be giving depends a lot on your own skills. The first days you might start helping the local teachers with their daily tasks, so you get to know the dynamics of the school. This is what the volunteer teachers did in their first week:

Kenzie correcting homework

Sammie making cards for father’s day

Jessie giving support to the english teacher

Colin & Stacey at sports class

Sammie at dance class

Some pics below, and more of them here.



During the weeks, you’ll be asked to elaborate an educational project for the school that can have sustainability in time. You’ll present it to the teachers to get feedback and leave a last version there so it can be applied.

And additionaly to this, you will be taking lessons in one of the most prestigious universities of the country (PUCP University). Take a walk across the campus here.

This year’s schedule looks like this:


And of course in your free time you will be able to experience Lima and other peruvian cities.

Our 2016 volunteers give their opinions about their first week in Lima and the peculiarities of the local culture here.

A great experience is waiting for you! More information in our website:

See you soon!


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Liberal Arts Spring 2016

Interested in spending a semester or a year in cosmopolitan Lima? Do you have curiosity for peruvian culture? Our Liberal Arts program offers you to learn about Peru, and live many great experiences here!

In this post we want to show you some of our 2016 spring group’s activities so you get an idea what is like to be part of the CIEE in Lima.

  1. Living like an university student of Lima

Experience going to one of the most prestigious universities of the country (PUCP University), meeting new friends, and living with a peruvian family. In PUCP university you have a wide variety of classes you can take, depending on your personal and profesional interests. Some of the classes our students chose are these.

This is the campus’ web page: This campus is known by being one of the most pretty campus of the city, take a walk across it here and hear the opinions of our spring LA students about it here. We also prepared a video of a day in the life of a PUCP student in Lima, watch it here.

2. Outdoor and cultural activities

On weekends, we offer our students options of cultural and outdoor activities. For example, an experiential peruvian music class and experiencing adventure sports outside Lima are some of the options. Here you can watch the latest trip to sail on the pacific ocean and swim with sealions, and in this video you can watch the peruvian cuisine class, shared with students of Spelman College. A trip to the great city of Cusco is also included!

On the last week of your stay in Lima, we offer a farewell coctail with families included. This time, some of our students got the chance to go on stage and sing a farewell song. On the other hand, one of the students couldn’t make it to the event but she sent a farewell video for all of her friends. It has a very nice message, watch it here.

3. Experience the peculiar culture of Lima and Peru

There are some special aspects that make Lima and Peru interesting to experience. For example, the transportation system in Lima is a challenge for most of the newly arrived. Opinions and some insights of the transport in Lima here.

Food is a main aspect to have in mind when comming to Peru. Known as one of the best cuisines of the world, you can’t miss the chance to try some of our dishes. Our LA and Spelman students chose their favourite ones.

Wanna hear more peculiarities about Peru? Watch this video where our LA students share their opinions.

We don’t wanna miss the chance to share some pics of the spring group here. More of them can be found in our facebook album by clicking this link.


Interested? All the info you need to apply can be found here.

We will be waiting for you with arms wide open!







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Life, the Amazon, and More Life

We are following Tamar Gasko’s – one of our LA students – adventures in Peru through her blog: Livinlalimaloca.

In this opportunity it was time to get to know the Amazon!


Hello friends! It’s been too long since I’ve written, and life has been moving pretty quickly. I got into this rut where I couldn’t justify writing very much as long as I had a pi…

Source: Life, the Amazon, and More Life